The Banjo Glossary Project 2017  
Friday, August 18, 2017

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Glossary Term
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Railroad Spikes

"Railroad Spikes" are exactly that -- miniature H-O guage model railroad spikes, to be precise. It seems that the model railroaders like to nail down their tracks with tiny replicas of the real thing.... read more
Raised Head See: ArchTop Banjo
Rapping See: Frailing ~ Double Thumbing ~ Clawhammer
Regular Banjo (RB) The initials RB are one of a group of initials that were and are used by the Gibson company to differentiate between types of banjos. The common ones are: RB - Regular Banjo (five string) PB -... read more
Reno Style Don Reno played a three finger style of banjo that also included a lot of single string work that involved playing more or less like a guitar player with a flat pick. Instead of using a flat pick, he... read more
Resonator The Resonator is a device attached to the back of a banjo that is designed to reflect the sound forward.
Rim A banjo rim is the round part that holds the head. It is usually made of wood but can also be made of metal or plastic.
Rim Stick See: Dowel Stick
Round Peak Style This topic inspired much debate among the Banjo-L faithful. Riley Baugus, who lives in the Round Peak area writes... "Let me see if I can shed any light on this whole thing. Round Peak is just that,... read more


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