The Banjo Glossary Project 2017  
Friday, August 18, 2017

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Glossary Term
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Neck Angle The neck angle is the angle that the plane of the fingerboard intersects the plane of the head. It is usually around three degrees.
Neck Reinforcement Banjo necks are often reinforced to help protect against bowing caused by string pressure. The simplest reinforcement takes the form of a laminated neck that has vertical laminations, the middle of... read more
Neutral Rod Tension The Term "Neutral Rod Tension" generally refers to the tension setting on a dual coordinator rod banjo, which is based on the classic Mastertone design. This "neutral" setting is found by making sure... read more
No Knot Tailpiece

The No Knot Banjo Tailpiece is a simple turn of the century design and can accommodate loop-end steel, nylon or gut strings. The tailpiece uses studs over which to loop the strings. It has no... read more
Nut The nut lies across the neck at the juncture of the fingerboard and headstock. With grooves for each string, it provides a bearing surface for the strings much as the bridge does at the other end.... read more


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