The Banjo Glossary Project 2017  
Friday, August 18, 2017

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Glossary Term
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Mandolin Banjo (MB) The initials MB are one of a group of initials that were and are used by the Gibson company to differentiate between types of banjos. The common ones are: RB - Regular Banjo (five string) PB -... read more
Mastertone Mastertone banjos are made by the Gibson company. They defined the bluegrass banjo form when the first bluegrass banjo players chose them over other popular banjos of the period. They are... read more
Melodic Melodic style banjo is a style that involves playing tunes note for note instead of working the most important notes into a roll pattern. Bill Keith is one of the pioneers of this style.
Metal Clad Rim Many old banjos from the 1880s through the turn of the century used a wooden rim with a German silver sheath. Sometimes both the inside and outside were covered. Many of the Fairbanks Electric models... read more
Minstrel Minstrel banjos were built during the time when minstrel performances were popular (1830s to 1870s). They are usually very simple instruments with a thin single-ply rim and a fretless neck. The head... read more
MOP See: Mother of Pearl (MOP)
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Mother of Pearl is frequently used for most fingerboard inlays and can range from simple position dots to very fancy and ornate inlays. Mother of Pearl ("MOP") is an iridescent layer of material that... read more
Mother of Toilet Seat Mother of toilet seat is another name for the pearlized plastic used for fingerboards and peghead overlays and resonators. Some very expensive instruments used this material.


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