The Banjo Glossary Project 2018  
Monday, December 10, 2018

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Glossary Term
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Hammer On A hammer-on is when you use one of the fingers of the left hand to strike sharply onto a string. Often this is done just after picking the same open string with the right hand. It produces a second... read more
Hand Stop The hand stop is the area of the back of the neck directly behind the nut where the neck thickens. This, in addition to giving the hand something to rest against at the end of the neck, increases the... read more
Hardshell Case

A Hardshell Case is the standard case for a fine musical instrument. As the name implies, it is rigid and strong and is typically made of laminated wood with heavy luggage latches and a strong handle.... read more
Head The head is the vibrating surface of the banjo. It is usually made of mylar or calfskin but wood and metal have been used for certain applications.
Head Bearing See: Tone Ring
Headstock See: Peghead
Hearts and Flowers The hearts and flowers inlay pattern was used on certain Gibson Mastertone banjos, including Earl Scruggs'. This is probably the best known inlay pattern.

The heel is the portion of the neck that attaches to the body, and curves downward away from the fingerboard. There are a variety of heel styles which are usually found in Guitar, Violin and Mandolin... read more
Heel Cap

The Heel Cap is a decorative piece of contrasting material, usually wood such as ebony or rosewood, that covers the flat bottom of the heel of a banjo or guitar neck. There's no structural need for a... read more
Heel Carving Fancy banjos often have a carved heel. The area from the pot to several inches down the neck past the heel is the area usually carved though sometimes the entire neck is carved on presentation... read more
Hooks and Nuts Hooks and nuts are used to pull the tension hoop down tightly over the head of the banjo. They usually have a hook at the top and are threaded for the nuts at the bottom. The hook passes down through... read more