The Banjo Glossary Project 2017  
Friday, August 18, 2017

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Glossary Term
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Galax Lick This term is used to describe several different clawhammer licks. One is a slide on the first string from the first to the fifth fret that is finished by two consecutive thumbed fifth strings. The... read more
Gig Bag

A "Gig Bag" is a lightweight padded, zippered cover for your musical instrument and provides enough convenience and protection to be the good choice for carrying the instrument around a festival and... read more
Gourd Banjo A gourd banjo is a simple instrument that uses a gourd with a hide stretched over a hole as the pot with a fretless neck.
Gryphon The Gryphon headstock inlay was used by A. C. Fairbanks in the Whyte Laydie No. 2 and many other moderately well appointed banjos. In some of the finest banjos it was inlaid into the back side of the... read more
Guitar Banjo (GB) The initials GB are one of a group of initials that were and are used by the Gibson company to differentiate between types of banjos. The common ones are: RB - Regular Banjo (five string) PB -... read more


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