The Banjo Glossary Project 2017  
Friday, August 18, 2017

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Glossary Term
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Dot Neck

A fretted instrument neck with a simple inlay pattern of dots at the conventional fret positions is often referred to as a "Dot Neck." This is more of an electric guitar term, but it applies equally... read more
Double Thumbing Double thumbing has been used to describe consecutive thumbed notes within the frailing motion. The exact meaning of this term, like most other old time banjo styles seems open to some interpretation.... read more

A "Dovetail" is a classic woodworking joint and is the traditional method of neck attachment for fine steel string and acoustic guitars and mandolins. It is also a joint often found in furniture and... read more
Dowel Stick The Dowel stick is a wooden stick, usual square in profile that protrudes from the end of the neck and passes through a square hole in the rim and butts into or is mortised into the far wall of the... read more
Dreadnought Guitar

In the early 1900s C.F. Martin & Company introduced their largest guitar body style, the "dreadnought." Originally intended as a specialty item, it has grown to become the most popular acoustic body... read more
Drop Thumb Drop thumbing is a clawhammer technique that uses the thumb to play strings other than the fifth. See also Frailing, Double Thumbing and Clawhammer
D-Tuners See: Tuners


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