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Monday, December 10, 2018

An Open Invitation to Participate

Becoming a Content Contributor is easy and free, takes only
a few minutes and can have long-lasting impact
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I’ve created a Discussion Group on for anyone interested
in discussing this website as it continues to take shape. Please come join us.

—Frank Eastes
Site Owner
This site offers easy and intuitive tools for individuals to participate in The Banjo Glossary Project. An open invitation is extended to anyone with banjo-related knowledge, expertise, experience, or insights, to become a Content Contributor — an easy process which takes only a few minutes.

Anyone may become a Content Contributor simply and easily by offering suggested edits or updates to any existing Glossary Listing, or by suggesting entirely new listings for inclusion in the directory. The extent and depth of your participation is entirely up to you and can be as basic as a simple change to a single listing, to as many edits, re-writes, and multimedia enhancements to as many listings as you desire. There are no limits placed on the depth you choose to participate, decided solely and uniquely by each user.

This is a moderated website. One or more Editors review and edit content submissions as necessary and to maintain consistency within Community Guidelines. Depending on the nature and extent of suggested content, the editorial process can take from less than a day to several months. Enhancements and content accepted for inclusion in The Banjo Glossary Project are credited to their source and noted in the Revision History linked with each Glossary Listing.

The Banjo Glossary Project is built on the concept and can exist and grow only by shared and distributed participation — the workload is distributed across the entire community and therefore not a burden to any individual. This site attempts to eliminate the burdensome aspect of information gathering and replace it instead with making it fun.

Levels of Participation

Participation in this website is not required and anyone is free to browse the contents of this site without restriction or cost.

If as you browse this site you find that listings could be improved with edits or other multimedia enhancements — or if you find that an entire banjo-related idea, thing or concept is missing or not fully represented in the directory — you are invited to participate and improve the quality of this directory by addressing the information needs you have found. The level of involvement you choose is voluntary and your contributions could include—

As soon as you submit even the most basic enhancement to any existing listing, or submit a new listing for consideration to the editors, you have become a Content Contributor. Whether you have a single, one-time improvement to make, or you have extensive experience and knowledge to share across multiple directory listings, your voluntary contributions of information, resources, links, and improved quality and focus are the primary driving force behind The Banjo Glossary Project.

As glossary entries are updated and added, an ongoing Revision History is maintained and available with a click for each listing, providing a transparent information audit trail. Content Contributors may choose to create a public profile, or may choose to remain anonymous to the public and use a screen name only tagged to their information contributions. Learn More

For those individuals who may have specialized banjo experience, knowledge or expertise combined with above average writing, research and analytical abilities, and who have a desire to participate at a higher level are invited to apply to become a Content Editor.

Content Editors have all the privileges of Content Contributors, with additional responsibilities and administrative tools for screening and editing new incoming content, and are responsible for refining and absorbing incoming materials into presentable form, ensuring that it remains within content and Community Guidelines.

Generally, an individual Content Editor will assume responsibility as Lead Editor for an incoming entry and will work that entry until finalized, preparing edits and re-working the information into best presentation form within the Glossary Project. Editors may engage in private communications with Content Contributors or with other Editors with questions or for seeking clarifications.

Once a submission is deemed ready for publication, the Lead Editor seeks input and approval of other editors prior to “going live.” The entire editorial process is visible only to other Editors. Content Contributors may follow the progress of their own submissions through their personal home page available once they are logged in.

The Banjo Glossary Project may, at its discretion, offer a modest financial stipend for a brief time to the initial editors in order to kickstart content growth. Please inquire for more details.

Technical Editors have all the privileges of Content Contributors and Editors, but have additional administrative duties and tools for crucial permanent technical edits including: selecting keywords, determining exact URL pathnames, setting internal links, sorting and indexing, generating text-to-speech synthesized audio files, and other functions requiring specific technical understanding and awareness of the site’s design, capabilities and functions.

Site Administrators have all the access privileges of Content Contributors, Content and Technical Editors, as well as added duties and tools for membership maintenance, moderating some member content, overall site maintenance including back-end server and database access, among other duties. Site Administrators should also have basic understandings of how websites are administered including SEO and web analytics.

Other Ways You Can Participate

You are invited to communicate freely with The Banjo Glossary Project and share your ideas and insights as to how to make this website the best it can be. Any suggestions you may have to improve for any aspect of this site, or new features you’d like to see implemented here, are welcomed and appreciated. You can also Join The Discussion Group on for ongoing conversation about this website.

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